Professional mastic asphalt flooring contractors in the Midlands

Mastic asphalt is a domestic and industrial flooring material which provides an excellent solution to many flooring concerns, particularly those where time, cost and absence of an existing damp proof membrane are factors.

It is a high quality, extremely durable, and highly insulating substance that can be installed over most sub-floors, providing the perfect base for vinyl, carpet or any other flooring to be installed on top.

Mastic asphalt is also self levelling and can be used to level rough and uneven floors and even those with a noticeable gradient.

One of mastic asphalt’s most useful applications however, is in damp proofing. Not only will asphalt provide a robust damp proof membrane to sub floors where none have previously existed, it can also be used as a tanking material on the floors and walls of basements and cellars in order to fully damp proof and insulate them.

It really is one of construction’s best kept secrets!

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Mastic asphalt – A Miracle Flooring Material

Why choose mastic asphalt flooring?

It is. . .

Totally Damp Proof

Self Levelling

Highly Insulating


Cost Effective

Rapid to Install

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Mastic Asphalt Flooring