Waterproof your home with mastic asphalt damp proof tanking in Derby

Tanking is when asphalt is formed to completely seal a void or area to keep moisture/water out or in a tank. It is used in basements, lift shaft bases or anywhere where the adjacent ground is higher. It is also used to line bund to tanks etc. Mastic asphalt damp proof tanking is a seamless system which creates a durable continuous permanent waterproofing lining when applied to foundations, floors, walls etc. More often than not mastic asphalt tanking is installed underground where water or damp constitutes a problem.

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Damp proof tanking installations provided in Derbyshire

Mastic asphalt is a natural material for tanking; it provides a waterproofing membrane for protecting areas against the penetration of ground or subsoil water. Tanking will not degrade and will provide many decades of trouble-free service. Its seamless qualities and proven track record for success make it the natural choice for most waterproofing situations, these can be swimming pools, outdoor fish pools, basements, lift shafts and cellars.

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